Top 26 Awesome Ideas to Use Narrow or Dead Space in Kitchen

No matter the size of your kitchen, there are always some difficult-to-use spaces or dead spaces that exist. These spaces are often overlooked and not used at all for any purpose. For example, what do you do when you have just a few inches at the end of a cabinet run? Most people may give up, but with narrow kitchen cabinets, you can make use of this space. We have found many cases of using tiny spaces in a narrow kitchen, and they also apply to the thinnest or shallowest spaces in the kitchen. A gap of just a few inches can fit in a pull-out rack with storage for kitchen items. The narrow space beside the fridge can be turned into a spice and canned goods pantry. There are many ideas like this for using a few inches of space in the kitchen, so keep reading and you’ll get your answer.

1. Vertical storage for baking sheets in a narrow cabinet:

A great storage solution for baking sheets in a narrow kitchen cabinet is to use vertical dividers. By standing up the sheets, you save space and can quickly grab the one you need. These dividers can be easily installed with a few screws and can even be adjustable, so you can customize the width for your specific cabinet.

2. The space above the stove usually overlooked, but you can create a shelf for oils and vinegars:

The area above the stove in a narrow kitchen is often overlooked, but it can be a great spot for extra storage. Installing a narrow shelf is a simple project that can be completed in just a few hours. This shelf is perfect for storing oils, vinegars, and other frequently used cooking ingredients. Just be sure to measure the space carefully before starting the project!

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3. Narrow cabinets installed on the side of a cupboard or base cabinet can be an extra pantry:

If you have a slim kitchen cabinet installed on the side of a cupboard or base cabinet, you can turn it into an extra pantry. These cabinets are perfect for storing canned goods, spices, and other dry ingredients. By using clear containers and labels, you can easily find what you need. For added organization, consider installing pull-out shelves or baskets for easy access.


4. Look for an idea for the unused space under your cabinets – under-cabinet drawers:

How to build it:

5. There are 3 clever ways to take advantage of the narrow space next to the fridge:

    5.1 Turn the narrow cabinet beside the fridge into a spice and canned goods pantry:


    5.2 Build the narrow wine rack beside the fridge:


    5.3 Cleverly use a narrow space next to the refrigerator to build cookbook shelves:

6. Not enough kitchen counter space? Create an extendable work surface using heavy duty brackets that fold down when not in use:

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7. Kitchen Backsplash Shelf and Organizer:


8. The over space of the kitchen sink is usually not used, so you should make the most of this space (for example, add a floating shelf for cookbook storage or build a drying rack for pots and pans):

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Install a dish draining rack over the sink:


9. Create a tablet and recipe book holder under kitchen cabinets, when not in use, it will be hidden:

How to build it:

10. Connect two Billy bookshelves together to build a kitchen island with lots of storage space:

11. Make full use of kitchen wall, just like these dark walnut corner floating shelves:

12. This narrow pull-out cabinet is a great solution for your wasted corner cabinet:

13. Breaking the mess of the countertop, you can use the wicker basket to store kitchen items:

14. DIY Pull out the countertop gives you more room to operate:

15. Swing arm stools are great seating option for tiny kitchen:

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16. DIY a chopping board storage unit beside your kitchen stove, and it could double as a shelf for oil, seasonings etc:

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17. Set up a backsplash shelf and spice organizer:

18. All homes have inefficient corners, gaps, put them to clever use, such as creating a tall narrow closet for cleaning items:

19. Use small tension rods to hold wire baskets at an angle under the kitchen sink:

20. Need more storage space, you could build a hanging shelf over your kitchen island:

21. Small kitchens have very limited storage space, so do not miss the base cabinet doors, they can be used to store pot & pan lids:

22. If you only have a tiny space for kitchen, then you can consider designing an U-shaped kitchen:


23. A clever way to make use of the dead space at the end of a kitchen counter is to DIY a spice rack:

How to build it:

24. Remove the door from the corner cabinet, then install hooks to hang pots and pan:

25. Raise the cabinets to the ceiling and add a shelf under them to squeeze out some more storage space:


26. Add a spice shelf to the backsplash to gain more storage and clutter free kitchen countertop: