10 Magical Space Decorating Ideas to Reuse Broken Mirror

Breaking a mirror doesn’t mean bad luck. In fact, I believe just the opposite. Broken mirror can be used into a great decorating project and make your space magical. If you want to turn those broken shards into something spectacular, just reading a list of ideas below…

1. This is an exciting idea for mirror shards. Turn an ordinary concrete planter into a gorgeous front porch decoration.

The first step about this project is to make a concrete planter and then stick hundreds of mirror shards on it. It may take a lot of time to stick the mirror shards if you want to achieve the effect in the picture.  Image source for bottom project: flickr.com

How to Make Concrete Planter: modernmaizy.blogspot.com

2. Use broken mirror mosaic on stair risers to bring interest to boring stairs:

Source Unknown.

3. Create a piece of broken mirror wall art for your wall:

All You Need:

You will need broken or old mirror, a hammer, heavy duty butcher paper or a heavy duty paper bag, gloves, a scrap piece of plywood, liquid nails and a caulk gun.

Image source: wallpaperartdesignhd.us    Get the full Instructions here: potholesandpantyhose.com

4. Create a wall mosaic in the bathroom with pieces of broken mirror:

Use industrial strength adhesive to attach pieces onto the wall and finish with unsanded grout to fill in the spaces between pieces.

5. Decorate your old piece of furniture with broken mirror and make it look new…

Image source: flickr.com   Get the full Instructions here: tedioustinkering.blogspot.com

6. Stick hundreds of mirror shards on garden fence to give it a gorgeous look:

For more details at: Cindy S@hometalk.com

7. Glue broken mirror pieces and blue marbles onto a bowling ball to make a cute mosaic gazing ball for your garden:

See the details at: gardendrama.wordpress.com

8. Turn those broken mirror pieces into a great modern dresser design:

The tutorial for above project: msbinglesvintagechristmas.com

The Instructions for Case2 project:

1. Primed with 2 light coats of Rustoleum spray primer in Black. 2. Painted with 2 light coats of Krylon spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze (it’s a fancy black). 3. Removed doors and used Dollar Tree Super Glue to glue on broken mirror pieces. Let sit at least 8 hours. 4. Karacualk (unsanded) in Black in between mirror (apply like you’re applying grout to tile).

9. Applying the broken mirror idea to your garden door will have a stunning effect: beautiful and make a small space look bigger.

Image source: thankyouforasking.typepad.com

10. Suspended glass floor features mirror shards located in the space between subfloor and glass floor:

How To Dispose Of A Broken Mirror Safely:

Before you reuse those broken mirrors, you should take safety measures. After all, when a mirror breaks, it turns into sharp pieces. Even a single shard of glass ground down can become sharp powder that can cause harm.

To stay safe and do the job well, you need to take care of yourself. Use some tools to make things right. Begin with wearing safety clothes. It’s important not to have any skin exposed because a sharp piece of glass might hit you unexpectedly. Closed-toed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt are better choices than what you wear in the summer.

You can use something to protect your eyes unless you have to break the mirror more, then it’s really important. Make sure your hands are safe too – wear gloves that won’t easily get cut. Kitchen gloves that resist cuts, thick gardening gloves, or tough leather tool handlers are necessary to keep your hands safe.

Remember, taking precautions is like putting on a superhero suit to keep you safe and sound!