Tips of Bringing Iron Into Your Home Decor

Iron is becoming more and more popular in home decorating whether you love an industrial, farmhouse, rustic or even modern look. Before the Middle Ages, iron’s use was primarily utilitarian for weapons and tools, but since the 16th century onwards, ironwork became highly ornate, so it is very common to use them for decoration. Nowadays, many people have not satisfied the traditional and exquisite decorating styles. The iron decoration style is simple and stylish. In this article we introduced you some ideas that will help you add pieces of ironwork to add spice to the life of your home decor when you are planing to upgrade or renovate your home.

When used properly, iron and other accessories(WOOD IS THE BEST) can be used to create an irresistible atmosphere for the home decor. Tips: #1. Choose a place where you want to add ironwork. If you have no idea you can read some articles about farmhouse, basically the kitchen shelves, stairs or entrance are all good place to bring into iron art. #2. You can buy or customize an ironwork to match your makeover goals. #3. In addition to black or white, a piece of rusty iron art also have a good effect.


1. Repurpose an old iron wall hanging as a ceiling medallion:

With the help of the holes in this piece, you can use sheetrock anchors to secure it to the ceiling. You need to take down the existing light before this work.

See the full Instructions here:

2. Spraying paint the plastic fencing makes it look like steel, then flip the fencing upside down to create a window valance:

Get the Full Tutorial here:

3. Simple elegant shelves created from iron brackets and pieces of wood:

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4. Create a wrought iron screen for your front porch:

5. Recycle a wrought iron fence and a piece of barn wood to create a console table:

6. Rustic kitchen backsplash from reclaimed tin roofing for a more modern farmhouse look:

7. Kitchen pot rack made from old metal fencing:

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8. Replacing wood stair spindles with wrought iron will make your home decor look more elegant:

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9. Create a custom wrought iron arch in the entrance to the kitchen:

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10. Add some hooks to a fence gate to using as a wall-mounted pot rack:

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