Best 21 Alcove Beds For Kids

Children can be very rewarding, but at times they can be very difficult. If you have children, you will know exactly what I am talking about – screaming fits, tantrums, etc. Bedtimes can be very hard to enforce. So if you have a problem getting your child to bed at night, why not consider making their bedroom more fun with an alcove bed. There are so many ideas and inspirations, you might have some trouble choosing. Let’s look at just a few creative ideas.

Kids love tents, so why not add curtains to the alcove bed. That way they can use it as a play tent during the day and it also serves to keep out more light at night:

Here’s a novel idea, why not construct a bed that has shelves where the headboard usually goes? Lots of room for essential there:

Different shaped alcoves can be made into a feature of the bedroom with a splash of bright color:

You may have an alcove that is raised, no problem! Kids love ladders. Just build a small safe ladder to enable them to reach the bed. Perfect!

If you have practical skills, why not consider building a bunk bed? You can incorporate lots of storage into the design. This is especially suitable for an alcove near a window, as natural light can flood the room:

Attics can be a little challenging, but not for long. Why not consider installing a bed that follows the slope of the ceiling:

Log cabins bunk beds can be made in a variety of wood and you can team it up with purpose-built shelves and drawers:

To get extra guestroom when needed, you can try a trundle bed and by adding a storage system to each side, you get plenty of places to keep your essentials: