Fun and Useful Downspout Landscaping Ideas

If you live in that region of the world where there is a lot of rainfall, it is rainy in spring and summer. It’s also a good time to enhance the look of your outdoor space and add a bit of fun by building a decorative downspout landscape. You can do landscaping around downspout which will look even more beautiful when the rain water will come down and pass through the decorative drainage. Here are some gutter downspout ideas to help you get started with your decorative landscaping project. Enjoy and have fun!

Build a Dry Creek Bed and Enhance Your Front Yard

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Make an Artistic Pebble Mosaic to Decorate Your Downspout Landscape

Repurpose Watering Cans and Rain Gutter to Form a Wall Landscape

Decorative Splash Blocks Turn Into a Water Feature

Build a Decorative Rain Barrel with a Planter

See the step by step instruction here.

Making A Dry Creek Bed Drainage Canal for Downspouts

The great tutorial for above project is available here. The bottom image source here.

DIY Making Rain-Garden-Like Downspout Drainage

Stack Flat Rocks Under the Gutter Downspout for a Beautiful Dry Waterfall Landscape

Replace Traditional Downspout with Rain Chain Will Increase House Curb Appeal

Design a Small Side Yard Garden Under The Downspout

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A Beautiful Piece of Metal Artwork Adds a Very Amusing Touch to the Downspout