10 Creative Makeover Ideas for Your Chest of Drawers

Looking for chest of drawers makeover ideas? Look no further! Here are 10 creative makeover ideas for chest of drawers that will breathe new life into your old and outdated furniture, transforming them into stunning pieces that will make your space look amazing.

#1 Paint It White and Then Paint a Tree and Add Color with a Colored Top and Knobs:

For a whimsical makeover, start by painting your chest of drawers white. Then, paint a tree and add color with colorful top and knobs.  via: furniture flippin

#2 Paint the Outside of The Drawer Chest with One Color and Add Stripes in Contrasting Color at The Side of Drawers:

Choose a bold color to paint the outside of the chest of drawers. Add contrasting stripes on the sides of the drawers for a modern and eye-catching look.  via: pocket of posies

#3 Give The Dresser a Distressed Shabby Chic Look:

Achieve a distressed shabby chic look by sanding the paint on your dresser. Use a sandpaper to remove the top layer of paint, revealing a vintage and rustic look.  via: antique recreation

#4 Paint a Geometric Pattern on The Drawers:

For a modern and unique makeover, paint geometric patterns on the drawers. Use painter’s tape to create straight lines or triangles, then paint with your desired color.  via: the weathered door

#5 If You Want Something Regal Then Try a Gold Dipped Drawer Chest:

Add a luxurious touch to your chest of drawers by dipping it in gold paint. Use a metallic gold paint to create a regal and elegant look.

#6 For a Truly Incredible Look Try Lace Spray Painting:

Create a delicate and intricate look with lace spray painting. Use lace fabric as a stencil and spray paint over it. Remove the lace to reveal a beautiful pattern.  via:  k johnson 88 , uniquely chic mosaics

#7 Decoupage Any of Your Favorite Photograph:

Add a personal touch to your furniture by decoupaging your favorite photograph onto the drawers. Print a photograph onto a thin paper and use Mod Podge to adhere it to the drawers.  via:  american paint company

#8 Paint The Drawers in a Bright Color and Paint a Chevron Pattern in a Lighter Shade at The Side of the Drawer Chest:

Create a statement by painting the drawers a bright color, and add a chevron pattern in a lighter shade on the sides. Use painter’s tape to create the chevron pattern.

#9 Restore a Chest of Drawers as a Kitchen Island with Stain and Paint:

Transform your old chest of drawers into a functional kitchen island by sanding and staining it. Add a new countertop and hardware to complete the look.

#10 For Restoring a Chest of Drawers for a Little Boys’ Room Give It a Superhero Makeover:

Transform your chest of drawers into a superhero-themed piece of furniture for your little boy’s room. Paint the drawers in superhero colors and add decals or stencils to complete the look.

With these 10 creative ideas, your old chest of drawers will be transformed into a stylish and unique piece of furniture.