24 DIY Home Renovation Projects Will Make Your House Look Amazing

Most of the time, doing a home renovation is not a easy task. They need you invest a lot of money and many time. Fortunately, there are a lot of DIY ways to upgrade your home without spending a lot of money (sometimes just pennies). A few simple projects can make your home look amazing and feel more expensive than it is! For example, you can save a few bucks by painting tile instead of replacing it; and you can also cover up existing garage doors with garage skins, to add value to your home…

1. Add towel bars to any of your fake drawers:

2. When the white grout get black painting, the wall of your bathroom will have a cool and trendy look:

See the more details at: onekingslane.com

3. Add a stained wood shelf between the laundry machine and wall to hide the ugly cords and pipes:

See the full Instructions here: thedefineryco.com

4. Turn your ugly laminate countertops from yesteryear into stunning STONE counters:

Check out the TUTORIAL: rainonatinroof.com

5. Tack laminate floorboards to the wall to create a farmhouse-style backsplash:

Find the GUIDE here: bowerpowerblog.com

6. Lay blue tape over the hinges, then you can easily paint the door:

See the detailed TUTORIAL at: uglyducklinghouse.com

7. Lace window treatment with cornflour to get a little more privacy:

Directions at: annabelvita.com

8. Swap your outlet covers with jumbo outlet covers to hide the ugly gap:

Get the full guide here: thespacebetweenblog.net

9. Fancy bedding just with adding some simple yarn tassels to your bedskirt:

See the Tutorial here: tatertotsandjello.com

10. Hide and insulate bathroom hot pipes with rope:

Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

11. This upgrade project – mirrored closet doors will change the look of your bedroom:

Get the Instructions here: midwestcottageandfinds.com

12. Create a stylish place to keep all your shoes:

Check out the TUTORIAL at: northernfeeling.com

13. “Dip” the legs of old furniture in gold spray paint to make it look more expensive:

14. DIY kitchen island that was pieced together from an old bookcase, a vintage dresser and some table legs:

Image via: buzzfeed.com

15. Convert your recess lighting into gorgeous pendant lighting just with a simple conversion kit:

You can get here: amazon.com

16. Covering door scuffs with a metal kick plate does not only prevent damage, also dress up the door:

17. Sanding down and painting rusted railings of front porch, to get fresh look:

Get the full GUIDE here: remodelandolacasa.com

18. Take four wood crates, paint them to make a fabulous coffee table:

19. Instead of being an eye sore, fancy vents will add a touch of class and character to each room:

More details at: hometalk.com

20. With this brilliant kit, you can make a trellis of any shape and put it almost anywhere:

Get it here: leevalley.com

21. A removable cedar floor mat will bring spa style to your small bathroom:

Image via: WooHome.com    Tutorial: addicted2decorating.com

22. Instead of spending countless man hours scraping your popcorn ceiling, cover it with wooden planks:

See the FULL TUTORIAL at: edithandevelynvintage.com

23. Add value to your home by covering up existing old garage doors with garage skins:

More details at: charlesandhudson.com

24. Cover an ugly kitchen backsplash with plastic squares that look like tin and come in a variety of colors:

See the full Instructions here: dimplesandtangles.com